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IZA World of Labor panel discussion on migration issues

Classification Migration and ethnicity

IZA World of Labor Panel discussion on migration issues with Kirk Doran, Associate Professor at University of Notre Dame, Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Professor at University of California Merced, and Marco Tabellini, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Discussion questions:

- The U.S. and other countries offer lotteries for migrants of specific backgrounds. Winners of the lotter - workers who are allowed to migrate, and firms that are allowed to hire a migrant - pay nothing to the government. Why not, instead of a lottery, let these prizes be auctioned off so that the taxpayer instead of the worker/firm reaps a reward?

- Migration puts the migrant into a new environment with different social norms. What do we know about the mental health of migrants - their incidence of emotional disorders? How does this vary with the age at which the migrant enters the new country? How with the extent to which s/he is accompanied by other family members?

- What is the role of local (area-wide, not national) attitudes toward new migrants in how well the migrant does - socially and economically? What can be done to enhance the reception that new migrants receive in their chosen locales? - What can be done to get the 4 million Ukrainian refugees settled more quickly? Which countries are doing well, badly on this? What is the secret of the successful countries?

- Should Western countries tilt their migration policies further toward a basis in the skills that the migrant brings to the economy? (If so, what about brain-drain issues in sending countries?)

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