David A. Robalino

World Bank, USA, and IZA, Germany

This is a very important initiative; it is about creating, for the first time, a bridge connecting researchers and policymakers. I expect that World of Labor will become the place to go to obtain information about what we know in the area of labor policies and jobs. As a result, World of Labor will contribute to improve the quality of the policy debate and the programs that governments implement in these areas

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Former Editor

Current position

Manager Jobs Group and Lead Economist, the World Bank, USA

Research interest

Insurance programs, labor regulations, and labor markets; skills and active labor market programs; incentives to save among informal sector workers; subsistence entrepreneurs and livelihoods; job search models

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Has advised governments in over 40 countries on issues related to labor, social insurance, and labor policies

Past positions

Research Fellow, RAND Corporation, USA


PhD Economics, RAND Corporation—Graduate School, 2008

Selected publications

  • Social Insurance, Informality and Labor Markets. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014 (with M. Frölich, D. Kaplan, C. Pagés, and J. Rigolini).

  • From Right to Reality. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press and the World Bank, 2012 (with H. Ribe and I. Walker).

  • The Right Skills for the Job? Washington, DC: World Bank Human Development Series, 2012 (with R. Almeida and J. Behrman).