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For contributors

Why contribute?

Collaboration with the IZA World of Labor gives you an opportunity to make your expertise accessible to a global non-academic audience in a cutting-edge format. Contributors can increase the availability and broaden the dissemination of highly relevant, peer-reviewed knowledge to decision-makers.

Information on each article is made available to indexing and abstracting services, such as RePEc, EconLit, and Google Scholar.

We do not charge authors to publish articles on IZA World of Labor.


How to contribute

If you would like to find out more about contributing, or to suggest a topic, please contact the IZA World of Labor Office.

Before submitting a suggestion, please consider the forthcoming topics and those already published.

To submit a proposal, please do so via Editorial Manager.

Your proposal should come with a short abstract (three to five sentences long, no figures or tables) that outlines the content of the one-pager for your future contribution:

  • elevator pitch—why is the topic important for our audience
  • main pros and cons
  • your main message

Please select a potential subject area for your contribution when you submit a proposal. If you face any technical difficulties, please contact the IZA World of Labor Office.


Guidelines for authors and reviewers

IZA World of Labor articles go through a quality control system of peer review before publication. If you would like to find more specific information about the project, either as an author or a reviewer, please click the links below.

Aims and vision
Author guidelines
Reviewer guidelines
Style sheet
Topic list


General information for contributors

Detailed information about the IZA World of Labor's policies on competing interests and principles of research integrity can be found by clicking on the links below. In addition, IZA World of Labor recognizes the importance of proper citation of data and follows the data citation convention provided below.

FAQ on conflicts of interests
IZA guiding principles of research integrity
IZA World of Labor data citation convention