IZA World of Labor media and policy citations

IZA articles and opinion pieces are frequently cited in content published by both major media outlets and policy-making organizations.

Media citations

View citations of IZA World of Labor articles and opinion pieces in key media outlets for the last 12 months. Note that content access restrictions may apply. 

Featured citation:
In September 2021, the African Eye Report cited Gary S. Fields's article "Self-employment and poverty in developing countries" in its report on rebuilding Nigeria's labor market post-Covid-19.


Policy citations

View a selection of recent policy reports from governments and international organizations that cite IZA World of Labor articles and opinion pieces. 

Featured citation: 
The US's Institute of Museum and Library Services cited Richard Layard's article "The economics of mental health" in their recently published report on understanding the social wellbeing impacts of the US's libraries and musuems.

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