IZA World of Labor policy citations

A selection of recent policy reports from governments and international organizations that cite IZA World of Labor articles and opinion pieces (with the most recent citation first). 
Organization Publication title Cited IZA World of Labor content Author(s)
National Employers' Association of South Africa Written Submission to the National Minimum Wage Commission on Possible Amendments to the National Minimum Wage Do minimum wages stimulate productivity and growth? Joseph J. Sabia
Department of Labor and Employment, Government of the Philippines Jobs Fit 2022: Regional Reports Overeducation, skill mismatches, and labor market outcomes for college graduates Peter J. Sloane
US Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Impact Analysis for Phasing
Down Production and Consumption of
Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
Environmental regulations and labor markets. Olivier Deschenes
National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice Recruitment, Assessment, and Retention
in the Direct Care Workforce for
Individuals With Criminal Records:
A Comprehensive Model Approach
Do post-prison job opportunities reduce recidivism? Kevin Schnepel
European Parliamentary Research Service, European Parliament Legal migration policy and law: European added value assessment Who benefits from return migration to developing countries?

Do guest worker programs give firms too much power?
Jackline Wahba

Peter Norlander
New York City Council Pay Equity in New York City Slavery, racial inequality, and education. Graziella Bertocchi
Chief Economist Unit, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, New Zealand Chief Economist Unit Working Paper: Do workers share in firm success - Pass-through estimates for New Zealand The labor market in New Zealand, 2000–2017 David C. Maré
US Environmental Protection Agency / Federal Register Vol. 86, No. 151 / Tuesday, August 10, 2021 / Proposed Rules Revised 2023 and Later Model Year
Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas
Emissions Standards [proposed rule change]
Environmental regulations and labor markets. Olivier Deschenes
Development Monitoring and Evaluation Offie (DMEO), Government of India Jobs & Skills Sector Report July 2021 How are minimum wages set?

For long-term economic development, only skills matter. 
Richard Dickens

Eric A. Hanushek
Government Equalities Office, UK Literature review of sexual harassment in the workplace Sexual harassment in the workplace.  Joni Hersch
OECD Designing active labour market policies for the recovery Can hiring subsidies benefit the unemployed? Alessio J. G. Brown
OECD OECD Economic Surveys: Sweden Employment protection. Stefano Scarpetta
Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland Työllisyyden tutkijatyöryhmän raportti [Employment Research Group report] Tuning unemployment insurance to the business cycle. Torben M. Andersen
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine СТРАТЕГІЯ економічного розвитку Донецької та Луганської областей на період до 2030 року [STRATEGY economic development Donetsk and Luhansk regions for the period up to 2030] The dynamics of training programs for the unemployed.  Aderonke  Osikominu 
Presidency of the Economic Councils for Meeting of the Economic Council, Denmark Aktuel Økonomisk Politik Konjunktur og Offentlige Finanser Tilbagetrækning Tidlig Indsats [Current Economic Policy Economy and Government Finances Retreat Early Intervention] Maternity leave versus early childcare—What are the long-term consequences for children? Nabanita Datta Gupta
Valtioneuvoston kanslia [Prime Minister's Office, Finland] Rekrytointisyrjintä ja sen vastaiset keinot [Recruitment discrimination and means against it] Do anti-discrimination policies work? Marie-Anne Valfort
Finanspolitiska rådets [Fiscal Policy Council, Sweden] Svensk finanspolitik: Finanspolitiska rådets rapport 2021 [Swedish fiscal policy: Fiscal Policy Council report 2021] Short-time work compensation schemes and employment.  Pierre Cahuc
Ministry of Employment, Denmark Ydelses kommissionen: Samlede anbefalinger til et nyt ydelsessystem [The Benefit Commission: Overall recommendations for a new benefit system] Do case workers help the unemployed?  Michael Rosholm
Government of Canada Incremental Impact Analysis of the Youth Employment Strategy – Career Focus Stream Technical report prepared under the Fourth Summative Evaluation of the Youth Employment Strategy (YES) Youth labor market interventions.  Jochen Kluve
European Commission Commission staff working document impact assessment accompanying the document Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL to strengthen the application of the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value between  Wage compression and the gender pay gap.  Lawrence M. Kahn
European Parliament Monetary Dialogue Papers: Balanced Withdrawal of Policy Support to Avoid Cliff Effects Short-time work compensation schemes and employment.  Pierre Cahuc
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland TO-jaoston raportti: ansiotyön ja sosiaaliturvan yhteensovittaminen [Report of the TO section: coordination of gainful employment and social security] Should unemployment insurance cover partial unemployment?.  Susanne Ek Spector
Sveriges Riksdag [Swedish Parliament] Extra ändringsbudget för 2021 - Förlängda och förstärkta stöd vid korttidsarbete och omställningsstöd för företag med anledning av coronaviruset [Extra amending budget for 2021 - Extended and enhanced support for short-term work and adjustment support for Short-time work compensation schemes and employment.  Pierre Cahuc
Finansdepartementet Skatte- och tullavdelningen [Ministry of Finance - The tax and customs department, Sweden] Fortsatt förstärkt stöd vid korttidsarbete [Continued reinforced support for short-term work] Short-time work compensation schemes and employment.  Pierre Cahuc
Ministry of Finance, Finland Talouskasvun edellytykset tulevaisuudessa – lähtökohdat, suunnat ja ratkaisut Talouspolitiikka [Conditions for future economic growth - starting points, directions and solutions: Economic policy] Employment and wage effects of extending collective bargaining agreements.  Ernesto Villanueva
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand The emissions exposure of workers, firms and regions The labor market in New Zealand, 2000–2017.  David C. Maré
European Medicines Group [UK Government] Reducing within- and between-household transmission in light of new variant SARS-CoV-2. How to improve participation in social assistance programs. David C. Ribar
European Commission Annual Report on Intra-EU Labour Mobility 2020 The impact of aging on the scale of migration.  Anzelika Zaiceva
National Productivity Board, France The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on productivity and competitiveness Do youths graduating in a recession incur permanent losses?

Rethinking the skills gap.

What is the economic value of literacy and numeracy?
Bart Cockx

Roland Rathelot, 
Thijs van Rens
Anna Vignoles
Ministry of Finance, Sweden Lagrådsremiss: Stöd vid korttidsarbete i vissa fall [Law Council referral Support for short-term work in some cases, Sweden] Short-time work compensation schemes and employment.  Pierre Cahuc