IZA World of Labor policy citations

A selection of recent policy reports from governments and international organizations that cite IZA World of Labor articles and opinion pieces (with the most recent citation first). 
Organization Publication title Cited IZA World of Labor content Author(s)
KMK (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs), Germany Empfehlungen zum Umgang mit dem akuten Lehrkräftemangel [Recommendations for dealing with an acute shortage of teachers] Class size: Does it matter for student achievement? Christopher Jepson
Institute for Fiscal Studies, UK Education Inequalities Understanding teacher effectiveness to raise pupil attainment
Is the return to education the same for everybody?
Simon Burgess

Douglas Webber
European Central Bank The Division of Spoils in a Booming Industry The gig economy Paul Oyer
US Congressional Research Service CRS Report: International Trends in the Western Hemisphere  Demographic and economic determinants of migration Nicole Simpson
US Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Impact Analysis for Phasing Down Production and Consumption of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) Environmental regulations and labor markets Olivier Deschenes
Scottish Government Independence in the modern world. Wealthier, happier, fairer: why not Scotland? Does employee ownership improve performance? Douglas Kruse
Labor and Social Affairs Committee, Deutscher Bundestag Schriftliche Stellungnahme Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln e.V. zur öffentlichen Anhörung von Sachverständigen in Berlin am 16. Mai 2022 um [Written statement of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research for the public hearing of experts in Berlin on May 16, 2022 at 3 p.m.] The impact of monitoring and sanctioning on unemployment exit and job-finding rates Duncan McVicar
UK Department for Education Labour market and skills demand horizon scanning and future scenarios: Research report Health effects of job insecurity Francis Green
New Zealand Productivity Commission Immigration - Fit for the future Do guest worker programs give firms too much power? Peter Norlander
US Government Publishing Office Economic Report of the President The promises and pitfalls of universal early education Elizabeth U. Cascio
Government of Ireland The Economic Rationale for Government Investment in Early Learning and Care: A high-level overview Fertility decisions and alternative types of childcare Chiara Pronzato
World Bank Group Women, Business and the Law 2022 Equal pay legislation and the gender wage gap

The effect of early retirement schemes on youth employment
Solomon W. Polachek

René Böheim, Thomas Nice
Future of Work Tripartite Forum, New Zealand A New Zealand Income Insurance Scheme: A discussion document Disability and labor market outcomes

Individual and family labor market impacts of chronic diseases

How to reduce workplace absenteeism

Privatizing sick pay: Does it work?
Melanie Jones

Amanda Gaulke

Wolter Hassink

Pierre Koning
Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), UK A healthy labour market: Creating a post-pandemic world of healthier work Health effects of job insecurity Francis Green
World Bank Group Climatic Shocks and Internal Migration Evidence from 442 Million Personal Records in 64 Countries Demographic and economic determinants of migration Nicole Simpson
Westminster Foundation for Democracy Anti-corruption and gender: the role of women’s political participation Women in crime Nadia Campaniello
Haut Conseil du Financement de la Protection Sociale Pour des Finance Sociales Soutenables Adaptees aux Nouveaux Defis [For Sustainable Social Finances Adapted to New Challenges] Short-time work compensation schemes and employment Pierre Cahuc
World Economic Forum Positive AI Economic Futures: Insight Report Unemployment and happiness Rainer Winkelmann
European Parliament Promoting gender equality through parliamentary diplomacy Trade liberalization and gender inequality Janneke Pieters
Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Brazil Grupo de Altos Estudos do Trabalho (GAET) Relatórios dos Grupos de Estudos Temáticos [Senior Group Labor Studies (GAET) Study Group Thematic Reports] Can hiring subsidies benefit the unemployed? Alessio J. G. Brown