Alexander S. Kritikos

DIW Berlin, University of Potsdam, and IZA, Germany

I am confident that IZA World of Labor will help bridge the gap between research and politics as it wraps evidence-based research findings in an abridged format for those who are interested in labor market issues but lack the time to dig deeply into the subject

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Former Editor

Current position

Research Director, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), Berlin, Germany

Research interest

Entrepreneurship research, experimental and behavioral economics, institutional economics, microfinance

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Advisor the German Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and to the German Labour Market Agency; Member of the Greek Council on Innovation; Member of the Advisory Board of the German Microfinance Institute

Past positions

Vice President, DIW Head of Department, DIW; Professor, University of Rostock, Germany


Habilitation Economics, Viadrina University of Frankfurt (Oder), 2003

Selected publications

  • “Personality characteristics and the decisions to become and stay self-employed.” Small Business Economics 42:4 (2014): 787–814 (with M. Caliendo and F. M. Fossen).

  • “Trust, positive reciprocity, and negative reciprocity: Do these traits impact entrepreneurial dynamics.” Journal of Economic Psychology 33:2 (2012): 394–409 (with M. Caliendo and F. M. Fossen).

  • “The impact of risk attitudes on entrepreneurial survival.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 76 (2010): 45–63 (with M. Caliendo and F. M. Fossen).

  • “Is entrepreneurial success predictable? An ex-ante analysis of the character-based approach.” Kyklos 61 (2008): 189–214 (with M. Caliendo).

  • “Distributional concerns: Equity or efficiency oriented?” Economics Letters 73:3 (2001): 333–338 (with F. Bolle).