Simon Burgess

University of Bristol, UK, and IZA, Germany

Its important to get the results of research into the policy making process, and IZA World of Labor provides another great way to do this

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor, Department of Economics, University of Bristol (1998--)

Research interest

Teacher effectiveness; pupil motivation; school accountability; choice and competition, school admissions and unequal access to high-performing schools; the educational performance of minority students and ethnic segregation in schools

Past positions

Director, Centre for Market and Public Organisation, Bristol (2004–2015); Research Dean, Faculty of Social Science, University of Bristol, UK (2000–2003)


D.Phil Economics, Oxford University, 1987

Selected publications

  • "The impact of the Wolf Reforms on education outcomes for lower attaining pupils." British Educational Research Journal 45:3 (2019): 592–621 (with D. Thomson).

  • "Students' effort and educational achievement: Using the timing of the World Cup to vary the value of leisure." Journal of Public Economics 172 (2019): 111–126 (with R. Metcalfe and S. Proud)

  • "Understanding parental choices of secondary school in England using national administrative data." Oxford Review of Education (Forthcoming) (with E. Greaves and A. Vignoles).

  • "Do selective schooling systems increase inequality?" Oxford Economic Papers (2019) (with M. Dickson and L. Macmillan).

  • "The teacher labour market, teacher turnover and disadvantaged schools: New evidence for England." Education Economics 26:1 (2018): 4–23 (with R. Allen and J. Mayo).