Angela Daley

University of Maine, USA

World of Labor provides timely information about labor issues, in a way that is accessible to people regardless of their background and expertise. I am pleased to be part of an initiative that supports evidence-based labor policy

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Assistant Professor, School of Economics, University of Maine, USA

Research interest

Health economics, labor economics, poverty and inequality, applied microeconomics, social policy


PhD Economics, Dalhousie University, Canada, 2016

Selected publications

  • "Literacy, numeracy, technology skill, and labour market outcomes among Indigenous peoples in Canada." Canadian Public Policy 45:1 (2019): 48–73 (with M. Hu and C. Warman).

  • "How well is Maine doing? Comparing well-being across Maine counties." Maine Policy Review 27:2 (2018): 30–37 (with A. Crawley, M. Rahman, J. Demosthenes, and E. Lyons).

  • "The social complexities of disability: Discrimination, belonging and life satisfaction among Canadian youth." SSM – Population Health 5 (2018): 55–63 (with S. Phipps and N. R. Branscombe).

  • "Income and the mental health of Canadian mothers: Evidence from the Universal Child Care Benefit." SSM – Population Health 3 (2017): 674–683.

  • "Measuring poverty and inequality in Northern Canada." Journal of Children and Poverty 21:2 (2015): 89–110 (with P. Burton and S. Phipps).