Phillip B. Levine

Wellesley College, USA

This is a great project that will be tremendously valuable to policymakers and others. I am glad to be a participant

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Katharine Coman and A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Economics, Wellesley College, USA

Research interest

Social policy

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Senior Economist, Council of Economic Advisers, USA


PhD Economics, Princeton University, 1990

Selected publications

  • Sex and Consequences: Abortion, Public Policy, and the Economics of Fertility. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2004.

  • “Income inequality and early non-marital childbearing: An economic exploration of the ‘culture of despair.’” Journal of Human Resources 49:1 (2014): 1–31 (with M. S. Kearney).

  • “Why is the teen birth rate in the United States so high and why does it matter?” Journal of Economic Perspectives 26:2 (2012): 141–166 (with M. S. Kearney).

  • “Subsidized contraception, fertility, and sexual behavior.” Review of Economics and Statistics 91:1 (2009): 137–151 (with M. S. Kearney).

  • “Abortion legalization and child living circumstances: Who is the ‘marginal child?’” Quarterly Journal of Economics (February 1999): 263–292 (with J. Gruber and D. Staiger).