Steven F. Lehrer

Queen’s University, Canada, NYU Shanghai, China, and NBER, USA

I am genuinely excited by IZA World of Labor for two reasons. First, the articles target policy audiences and therefore have the potential to increase evidence-based practice by expediting and expanding access to recent research findings via knowledge translation. Second, as an academic I believe that the accessibility of the articles will enhance undergraduate teaching and likely reduce barriers for researchers from other disciplines to discover recent and emerging findings in the labor economics literature

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor, School of Policy Studies and Department of Economics, Queen’s University, Canada; Associate Professor of Economics, FAS, NYU Shanghai, China; Global Network Professor, Department of Economics, New York University, USA

Research interest

Economics of education, health economics, causal inference, experimental economics, applied econometrics for data science

Past positions

Olin Post Doctoral Fellow in Medical Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA; Visiting Scholar, Center for Labor Economics, University of California—Berkeley; Assistant Professor, School of Policy Studies and Department of Economics, Queen’s University, Canada


PhD Economics, University of Pittsburgh, 2001

Selected publications

  • "Targeted or universal coverage? Assessing heterogeneity in the effects of universal childcare." Journal of Labor Economics 35:3 (2017): 609–653 (with M. Kottelenberg).

  • "Bargaining and reputation: Experimental evidence on bargaining in the presence of irrational types." Review of Economic Studies 82:2 (2015): 608–631 (with M. Embrey and G. Frechette).

  • "Cohort of birth modifies the association between FTO genotype and BMI." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112:2 (2015): 354–359 (with N. Rosenquist, J. O’Malley, A. Zavalsky, J. Smoller, and N. Christakis).

  • "Genetic lotteries within families." Journal of Health Economics 30:4 (2011): 647–659 (with J. Fletcher).

  • "Estimating treatment effects from contaminated multi-period education experiments: The dynamic impacts of class size reductions." Review of Economics and Statistics 92:1 (2010): 31–42 (with W. Ding).