Jackline Wahba

University of Southampton, UK, and IZA, Germany

I'm happy to be a part of this innovative project. I hope that policymakers and academics will find World of Labor a useful way to quickly learn the latest state of research on a wide range of issues in labor policy

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, University of Southampton

Research interest

Labor economics, development economics

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Member of the UK Migration Advisory Committee

Past positions

Associate Professor in Economics, University of Southampton, 2006–2012


PhD Economics, University of Southampton, 1994

Selected publications

  • “Do high-income or low-income immigrants leave faster?” Journal of Development Economics 108 (2014): 54–68 (with G. Bijwaard).

  • “The impact of labor market dynamics on the return-migration of immigrants.” The Review of Economics and Statistics 96:3 (2014): 483–494 (with G. Bijwaard and C. Schluter).

  • “Density, social networks and job search methods: Theory and application to Egypt.” Journal of Development Economics 78:2 (2005): 443–473 (with Y. Zenou).

  • “Overseas work experience, savings and entrepreneurship amongst return migrants to LDCs.” The Scottish Journal of Political Economy 48:2 (2001): 164–178 (with B. McCormick).

  • “Overseas employment and remittances to a dual economy.” The Economic Journal 110:463 (2000): 509–534 (with B. McCormick).