Leora Klapper

The World Bank, USA

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Lead Economist, The World Bank, USA

Research interest

Consumer and household finance, behavioral economics, entrepreneurship, supply chain finance, financial institutions

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Lead Economist, The World Bank (2011–); Senior Economist, The World Bank (2002–2011); Economist, The World Bank (1998–2002)


PhD Financial Economics, Stern School of Business New York University, 1998

Selected publications

  • “Financial literacy and financial resilience: Evidence from around the world.” Financial Management 49:3 (2019): 589–614 (with A. Lusardi).

  • “Workplace signaling and financial commitment: Evidence from a field experiment.” AEA Papers and Proceedings 108 (2018): 438–443 (with E. Breza and M. Kanz).

  • “Improving financial access for entrepreneurs in developing countries: Evidence from a series of experiments with commercial bank loan officers.” Journal of Finance 70:2 (2015): 537–575 (with S. Cole and M. Kranz).

  • “Measuring financial inclusion: Explaining variation across and within countries.” Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (2013): 279–340 (with A. Demirguc-Kunt).

  • “Entry regulation as a barrier to entrepreneurship.” Journal of Financial Economics 82:3 (2006): 591–629 (with L. Laeven and R. Rajan).