Gilles Grenier

University of Ottawa, Canada

I want to thank IZA World of Labor for giving me the opportunity to present my views on an issue about which I have been thinking for a long time and whose importance is going to increase in policy discussions worldwide. Along with the other IZA World of Labor contributions, I hope that this article will be useful to policymakers

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, Canada

Research interest

Labor economics, human capital, immigration, language, demographic changes

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Consultant for the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Integration of Quebec, 2014


PhD Economics, Princeton University, 1982

Selected publications

  • “Quebec’s language policy and economic globalization.” Language Problems and Language Planning 43:2 (2019): 179–197.

  • “Human capital quality and the immigrant wage gap.” IZA Journal of Migration 3:14 (2014) (with S. Coulombe and S. Nadeau).

  • “How can language be linked to economics: A survey of two strands of research.” Language Problems and Language Planning 1:3 (2013): 203–226 (with W. Zhang).

  • “Canadian immigrants’ access to a first job in their intended occupation.” Journal of International Migration and Integration 12:3 (2011): 275–303 (with L. Xue).

  • “The changing labour market position of Canadian immigrants.” Canadian Journal of Economics 28:4b (1995): 987−1005 (with D. E. Bloom and M. Gunderson).