Thomas Breda

Paris School of Economics, and CNRS, France, and IZA, Germany

I'm very happy to be a part of IZA World of Labor. This innovative project is a great tool to help policymakers and academics to quickly learn the latest state of research on a wide range of topical issues in labor policy

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate member, Paris School of Economics, France

Research interest

Labor economics, education, employment relations

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Expert in the evaluation committee of the French labor market reforms; Expert in the national committee in charge of gender equality at work

Past positions

Postdoctoral fellow, Centre for Economic Performance (LSE) (2011–2013)


PhD, Paris School of Economics, 2011

Selected publications

  • “Contribution ceilings and the incidence of payroll taxes.” De Economist 165:2 (2017): 129–140 (with F. Alvaredo, B. Roantree, and E. Saez).

  • “Incidence and behavioural response to social security contributions: An analysis of kink points in France.” De Economist 165:2 (2017): 141–163 (with A. Bozio and J. Grenet).

  • “Teaching accreditation exams reveal grading biases favor women in male-dominated disciplines in France.” Science 353:6298 (2016): 474–478 (with M. Hillion).

  • “Firms’ rents, workers’ bargaining power and the union wage premium in France.” The Economic Journal 125 (2015): 1616–1652.

  • “Professors in core science are not always biased against women: Evidence from France.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 7:4 (2015): 53–75 (with S. Thierry Ly).