Ronald L. Oaxaca

University of Arizona, USA, CEPS/INSTEAD, Luxembourg, PRESAGE, France, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor offers a concise, authoritative, and up to date primer on contemporary labor market issues that are globally relevant to policymakers. It succeeds in making the fruits of rigorous academic research accessible to individuals entrusted with the responsibility to ensure efficient and equitable labor market policies

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

McClelland Professor of Economics, University of Arizona, USA

Research interest

Gender wage differentials, economics of overtime hours, economics of multiple job holding, statistical discrimination, law and economics, applied econometrics

Past positions

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA; Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Western Ontario, Canada


PhD Economics, Princeton University, 1971

Selected publications

  • “Do you receive a lighter prison sentence because you are a woman or a white? An economic analysis of federal criminal sentencing guidelines.” BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 14:1 (2014): 1–54 (with S. Sarnikar and T. Sorensen).

  • “New market power models and sex differences in pay.” Journal of Labor Economics 28:2 (2010): 267–289 (with M. R. Ransom).

  • “A human capital model of the effects of ability and family background on optimal schooling levels.” Economic Inquiry 45:4 (2007): 721–738 (with T. Regan and G. Burghardt).

  • “On discrimination and the decomposition of wage differentials.” Journal of Econometrics (March 1994) (with M. R. Ransom).

  • “Male-female wage differentials in urban labor markets.” International Economic Review (October 1973).