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Interview with Antti Kauhanen on gender differences in corporate hierarchies

Classification Behavioral and personnel economics

Interview with Antti Kauhanen on gender differences in corporate hierarchies

Some of the questions asked by IZA World of Labor Editor-in-Chief Daniel S. Hamermesh include: 

- Why is there a pay gap between men and women?
- You mention human capital differences and yet in most rich countries women are now more educated than men. So, why should that matter anymore?
- Very few people outright discriminate against women anymore, it is rather unconscious. Can you give me examples of that and what can be done about it?
- I know you can do blind auditions for orchestras but how can we formalize hiring for office jobs?
- Could you also look at women who have been single all their lives compared to men who have been single all their lives – is there a difference there too?
- What does “make workplaces more family-friendly”? What does that entail, can we achieve that?
- In the last year with Covid-19, looking at the data, it seems that working from home has not had a positive effect on women’s careers. Why is that?
- Covid-19 on the impact on the gender pay gap: is it here to stay or just a passing phenomenon?

Read Antti Kauhanen's article Gender differences in corporate hierarchies.

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