Wolter Hassink

Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and IZA, Germany

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IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Applied Econometrics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Research interest

Econometrics, labor economics, health economics, housing markets

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Member of CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis; Senior Policy Advisor to the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Past positions

Associate Professor of Economics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2006–2010); Researcher, CPB Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis, the Netherlands (1998–2001)


PhD Economics, VU University of Amsterdam, 1996

Selected publications

  • "Do financial bonuses reduce employee absenteeism? Evidence from a lottery." Industrial and Labor Relations Review 62:3 (2009): 327–342 (with P. Koning).

  • “Time-bound opportunity costs of informal care: Consequences for access to professional care, caregiver support, and labour supply estimates.” Social Science & Medicine 73:10 (2011): 1508–1516 (with B. van den Berg).

  • “Multiple glass ceilings.” Industrial Relations 51:4 (2012): 892–915 (with G. Russo).

  • “The impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on firm entry and performance in Turkey.” The World Bank Economic Review 32:1 (2018): 19–40 (with Y.E. Agkündüz and M. van den Berg).

  • “Do firms with low disability risks opt out from public to private insurance? The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 8:1 (2018) (with P. Koning and W. Zwinkels).