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IZA World of Labor panel discussion on gender and family issues

Classification Demography, family, and gender

Panel discussion on gender and family issues with Matthias Doepke from Northwestern University, Herdis Steingrimsdottir from Copenhagen Business School and Christina Gathmann from LISER

Discussion questions:

- Why was this recession so different from other recessions in its impacts on male and female workers? What are the longer-term effects of any differences?
- Which parent bears the bigger burden if their child develops a serious cancer? Do these effects differ by family income? What can be done to mitigate any effects?
- How does a man’s job loss affect his wife’s health? Why? Would a job loss by a man in a homosexual marriage have the similar effect on his husband?
- You’ve all found differences and asymmetries within married couples in the impacts of labor-market and other shocks. If you were to redo your research in 2052, do you think you would find the same results? Why or why not, and how would the results differ?
- All of this research deals with environments in rich countries—Northern Europe and the U.S. Do you think your results would differ in Southern Europe? In developing countries?

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