Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, and IAE (CSIC), Spain, and IZA, Germany

I think economists should take care of presenting their own results to policymakers and the general public and I am thankful to IZA World of Labor for giving me the opportunity to do so

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Research interest

Economics of immigration, labor economics, development economics, international economics

Past positions

Assistant Professor, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain; Researcher, FEDEA, Spain; Researcher, Institute for Economic Analysis (CSIC), Spain


PhD Economics, Columbia University, 2007

Selected publications

  • “Rational inattention and migration decisions.” Journal of International Economics 126:103364 (2020): 1–22 (with S. Bertoli and L. Guichard).

  • “Immigrant locations and native residential preferences: Emerging ghettos or new communities?” Journal of Urban Economics 112 (2019): 133–151 (with A. Ferrer and A. Salz).

  • “Tradable immigration quotas.” Journal of Public Economics 115 (2014): 94–108 (with H. Rapoport).

  • “Multilateral resistance to migration.” Journal of Development Economics 102 (2013): 79–100 (with S. Bertoli).

  • “New evidence on emigrant selection.” The Review of Economics and Statistics 93:1 (2011): 72–96.