Michael L. Bognanno

Temple University, USA, and IZA, Germany

I expect World of Labor to be a great way for policymakers to become quickly informed of the research in a wide range of important labor-related issues

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Topic spokesperson

Current position

Professor of Economics at Temple University, USA

Research interest

Personnel economics, executive pay, promotion, and incentives

Past positions

Director of Economics and Business at Temple University, Japan; Chair of the Department of Economics, Temple University, USA


PhD Labor Economics, Cornell University, 1990

Selected publications

  • "High-powered performance pay and crowding out of nonmonetary motives." Management Science 64:10 (2018): 4471–4965 (with D. Huffman).

  • "Promotion determinants in corporate hierarchies: An examination of fast tracks and functional area." In: Research in Labor Economics Volume 46. Bingley: Emerald Insight, 2018 (with C. Belzil and F. Poinas).

  • "Promotion signals, experience and education." Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 25:1 (2016): 111–132 (with E. Melero).

  • "Promotions, demotions, halo effects, and the earnings dynamics of American executives." Journal of Labor Economics 26:2 (2008): 287–310 (with C. Belzil).