Michael Beckmann

University of Basel, Switzerland, and IAB, Germany

I like the idea of evidence-based policy making. IZA World of Labor is a communication medium that makes state-of-the-art research accessible to decision-makers in management and politics. Especially in uncertain times, these decision-makers should benefit a lot from studying IZA World of Labor contributions

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Human Resources and Organization, University of Basel

Research interest

Personnel and organizational economics

Past positions

Professor, Institute for Human Resource Education and Management, University of Munich


Postdoctoral lecture qualification, 2004

Selected publications

  • “Internal rent seeking, works councils, and optimal establishment size.” European Economic Review 56:4 (2012): 711–726 (with M. Kräkel).

  • “Rent seeking, employment security and works councils: Theory and evidence for Germany.” Schmalenbach Business Review 62 (2010): 2–40 (with S. Föhr and M. Kräkel).

  • “The returns to continuous training in Germany: New evidence from propensity score matching estimators.” Review of Managerial Science 1:3 (2007): 209-235 (with G. Muehler and B. Schauenberg).

  • “Betriebliche Innovationen und geschlechterspezifische Arbeitsnachfrage.” Die Betriebswirtschaft 66:3 (2006): 287–306 (with B. Schauenberg and A. Timmermann).

  • “Art auctions and bidding rings: Empirical evidence from German auction data.” Journal of Cultural Economics 28:2 (2004): 125–141.