Charlene Marie Kalenkoski

Texas Tech University, USA, and IZA, Germany

It is important to explain to policymakers in a clear and concise way how economic theory and empirical evidence can point the way to better policy

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Associate Professor and Co-Director of the PhD Program in Personal Financial Planning, Department of Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University, USA

Research interest

Time allocation, labor economics, household and family economics, microeconomics

Past positions

Social Science Analyst, US Bureau of the Census, Center for Economic Studies, 2000–2002; Assistant Professor, Ohio University, Department of Economics, 2002–2008; Associate Professor, Ohio University, Department of Economics, 2008–2013


PhD Economics, The George Washington University, 2002

Selected publications

  • “Parental child care in single parent, cohabiting, and married couple families: Time diary evidence from the United Kingdom.” American Economic Review 95:2 (2005): 194–198 (with D. C. Ribar and L. Stratton).

  • “Parental transfers, student achievement, and the labor supply of college students.” Journal of Population Economics 23:2 (2010): 469–496 (with S. Wulff Pabilonia).

  • “Time poverty thresholds and rates for the U.S. population.” Social Indicators Research 104:1 (2011): 129–155 (with K. S. Hamrick and M. Andrews).

  • “Time to work or time to play: The effect of student employment on homework, sleep, and screen time.” Labour Economics 19:2 (2012): 211–221 (with S. Wulff Pabilonia).

  • “Measuring the relative productivity of multitasking to sole-tasking in household production: Experimental evidence.” Applied Economics 47:18 (2015): 1847–1862 (with G. Foster).