Kathryn H. Anderson

Vanderbilt University, USA, CASE, Poland, and IZA, Germany

The IZA World of Labor presents useful summaries of research on important labor policy issues. These papers are non-technical, well-written, and accessible to a general audience. Articles in the IZA World of Labor will help policymakers make informed policy decisions. I will assign World of Labor articles to the undergraduates in my labor economics classes. It has been a pleasure for me to participate with World of Labor

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, Emerita, Vanderbilt University, USA

Research interest

Applied labor economics, health, education, economic development

Past positions

Professor of Economics, and Director, Graduate Program in Economic Development, Vanderbilt University, USA; Visiting Scholar, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Sweden, August–September 2014; Visiting Scholar, University of Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic, 2009; Visiting Professor, University of Adelaide, Australia, 1999


PhD Economics, North Carolina State University, 1978

Selected publications

  • “Remittances and the human capital of children: New evidence from Kyrgyzstan during revolution and financial crisis.” Journal of Comparative Economics 42:3 (2014): 770–785 (with A. Kroeger).

  • “Investing in health: The long-term impact of head start on smoking.” Economic Inquiry 48:3 (2010): 587–602 (with J. E. Foster and D. Fisvold).

  • “Labor migration, household resource allocation, the environment, and climate change: Theory and evidence from Central Asia.” Mountain Research and Development (2009) (with A. Qiyobekov).

  • “The cost of corruption in higher education.” Comparative Education Review 52:1 (2008): 1–25 (with S. P. Heyneman).

  • Consequences of Creating a Market Economy: Evidence from Household Surveys in Central Asia. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Press, 2003 (with R. Pomfret).