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IZA World of Labor discussion on inflation and the labor market

Classification Labor markets and institutions

IZA World of Labor discussion on inflation and the labor market with Harry Holzer from Georgetown University, Pierre Cahuc from Sciences Po, and Michael Burda from Humboldt University

Question for Harry Holzer and Michael Burda: Why is inflation happening now?

Question for Pierre Cahuc: We have had this tremendous inflation for the last year. It seems to have slowed down in the US; do you expect it to slow down further more in the US and in Europe?

Question for Michael Burda: What is your expectation for price inflation in the next 12 months in Europe?

Question for Harry Holzer: To what extent do you think this inflationary burden has been borne differently by income level?

Question for Pierre Cahuc: Are pensioners being hit disproportionately in the US compared to Europe?

Question from Michael Burda: What about unionism in the United States – will it come back?

Question for Pierre Cahuc: The European Economy and the US economy are quite integrated. Is there anything the monetary and fiscal authorities can do to try integrating policy so that some collective action might mitigate the inflation issues that are going on?

Question for Pierre Cahuc and Michael Burda: In France and Germany, parliamentary and presidential elections are some years away. Why should this inflation stuff matter in these countries?

Question for everyone: Should one be optimistic about inflation?

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