October 31, 2014

Are UK visas deterring foreign students?

UK employers have criticized student visa regulations, but government officials argue that concerns are based on "myths and misconceptions."

The student visa process has become more rigorous amid ongoing efforts to reduce immigration into the UK.

Fears were voiced at a conference at Regent’s University in London that the current stringent visa procedures were deterring foreign students from applying to UK universities.

Director-general of the Institute of Directors Simon Walker stated that he was "appalled" at the situation, commenting that foreign students had become "victims of political point-scoring."

However, UK Immigration Minister James Brokenshire maintained that there was no cap on the number of students who can study in the UK, adding that these "myths and misconceptions" needed to be challenged.

He went on to say that "international students make an important contribution to the UK […] in today’s global economy, the brightest and best minds from across the world can help us retain our competitive edge."

This argument is backed by Arnaud Chevalier, who discusses why international student mobility should be encouraged. He writes that student migration can result in higher wages for the migrants, and foster long-term growth for sending and receiving countries.

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