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December 18, 2015

IZA World of Labor marks International Migrants Day

Friday December 18, 2015 is International Migrants Day. Established in 2000 by the UN, International Migrants Day recognizes the ever-increasing number of migrants in the world, encourages dissemination of information on the human rights of migrants, and encourages the sharing of policy designs to ensure their protection.

To mark International Migrants Day, we have curated a selection of our articles addressing key policy issues surrounding migration:

- Do migrants take the jobs of native workers? by Amelie Constant

- Crime and immigration by Brian Bell

- Engaging the diaspora in an era of transnationalism by Changzoo Song

- Language and culture as drivers of migration by Alicía Adserà

- Cross-border migration and travel: A virtuous relationship by Jacques Poot

- Circular migration by Klaus Zimmermann

Two of our authors have also written opinion pieces to mark International Migrants Day. 

- Friedrich Schneider explains why corruption promotes emigration

- Amelie Constant lists her three reasons immigrants are valuable for the host country

Please visit our migration articles page for further articles on migration.