January 19, 2016

Daniel Hamermesh to become the new Editor-in-Chief of IZA World of Labor

The Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) has appointed Daniel S. Hamermesh as the new Editor-in-Chief of IZA World of Labor, with effect from March 1.

Professor Hamermesh, of Royal Holloway University of London and the University of Texas at Austin, will also become director of IZA’s research network.

Dr Klaus Zumwinkel, President of IZA, commented: “Professor Hamermesh is highly respected in the global research and policy communities. His outstanding scholarly work over nearly five decades has always focused on making economic theory and empirical findings accessible to decision-makers and the society at large. I am convinced that his vast experience and creativity will provide additional momentum to IZA’s efforts in providing scientifically founded policy advice, based on the ground-breaking work of Klaus Zimmermann.”

Professor Hamermesh commented: “I look forward to leading in many of the areas that Klaus Zimmermann created and to refining and expanding the IZA Network’s worldwide leadership in labor market issues. It is a great honor to do this and to lead the construction of the IZA World of Labor project, an initiative that uniquely harnesses scientific knowledge to public policy and to the public discussion of economic issues.”

Professor Hamermesh joined IZA as a research fellow in 1998, and has previously served as Program Director for the Future of Labor research program and IZA Director of Research. He has previously written for IZA World of Labor about the effect labor costs have on demand for labor.