Wiemer Salverda

University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I think it is important that economic policies are based on sound economic evidence. Academic research that has relevance for economic policy should be made accessible for policy makers and a general audience

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Emeritus Professor of Labour Market and Inequality, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Fellow of World Wealth and Income Database WID.world, Paris School of Economics, France

Research interest

Inequality, wages, youth labor market, aging, pensions

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

ECFIN Research Fellow, European Commission, 2014–2015

Past positions

General Director, Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies AIAS, 2009–2012; Managing Director, AIAS, 2000–2009; Research Manager, Centre for Development Studies CDS, University of Groningen, 1996–2000


PhD Economics, University of Groningen, 1992

Selected publications

  • "The Netherlands: Is the Polder Model behind the curve with regard to growing household income inequality?" In: Vaughan-Whitehead, D. (ed.). Inequalities and the World of Work: What Role for Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue? Geneva: International Labour Organization, 2017; pp. 265–303.

  • "Labour-market institutions and the dispersion of wage earnings." In: Atkinson, A. B., and F. Bourguignon (eds). Handbook of Income Distribution Vol. 2B. Handbooks in Economics. Amsterdam: Elsevier/North Holland, 2015; pp. 1535–1727 (with D. Checchi).

  • "The Netherlands: Working ever harder for a middle class life 1990–2014." Economia e Lavoro 50:2 (2016) (with E. de Jong).

  • Changing Inequalities in Rich Countries: Analytical and Comparative Perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014 (with B. Nolan, D. Checchi, I. Marx, A. McKnight, I. György Tóth, and H. van de Werfhorst).

  • "The European Union’s income inequalities." Research on Finnish Society 9 (2016):51–60.