Tomasz Mickiewicz

Aston University, UK

For us as academics, it is important to be able to present the key lessons from our research, in a way that does not distort the content yet makes these lessons easier to understand for non-specialists. IZA World of Labor is uncompromising in preserving quality while clarifying the message. This is why it is very rewarding to work with the IZA World of Labor team on the task at hand

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

50th Anniversary Professor of Economics, Aston University, UK

Research interest

Economics of entrepreneurship, comparative economics, regional economics

Past positions

Professor of Comparative Economics, University College London, UK; Research Associate, University of California at Davis, USA


Habilitation in economic theory, UMCS 2008

Selected publications

  • "Creativity and security as a cultural recipe for entrepreneurship." Journal of Institutional Economics 18:1 (2022): 119–137 (with A. Kaasa).

  • "Homophily and peer influence in early-stage new venture informal investment." Small Business Economics (2021) 1–24 (with F. Qin and S. Estrin).

  • "Authoritarian populism in comparative perspective." In: Douarin, E., and O. Havrylyshyn (eds). The Palgrave Handbook of Comparative Economics. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

  • "It takes two to tango: Complementarity of bonding and bridging trust in alleviating corruption in cities." Regional Studies 54:6 (2020): 851–862 (with J. Korosteleva and P. Stępień-Baig).

  • "State capitalism with populist characteristics. Poland and Hungary." In: The Oxford Handbook on State Capitalism and the Firm. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021 (with M. Bałtowski and P. Kozarzewski).