Sam Desiere

Ghent University, Belgium

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Department of Economics, Ghent University, Belgium

Research interest

Labor economics, development economics


PhD Agricultural Economics, Ghent University, 2015

Selected publications

  • "Using artificial intelligence to classify jobseekers: The accuracy-equity trade-off." Journal of Social Policy (2020) (with L. Struyven).

  • "Statistical profiling in public employment services: An international comparison." OECD Working Papers (2019) (with K. Langenbucher and L. Struyven).

  • "Contract farming for improving smallholder incomes: What can we learn from effectiveness studies?" World Development 104 (2018): 46–64 (with G. Ton, W. Villema, S. Weituschat, and M. D'Haese).

  • "Land productivity and plot size: Is measurement error driving the inverse relationship?" Journal of Development Economics 130 (2018): 84–98 (with D. Jolliffe).

  • "When the data source writes the conclusion: Evaluating agricultural policies." The Journal of Development Studies 52:9 (2016): 1372–1387 (with L. Staelens and M. D'Haese).