Richard Blundell

University College London, and Institute for Fiscal Studies, UK, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor of Economics, University College London and Research Director, Institute of Fiscal Studies, UK

Research interest

Microeconometrics, labor economics, consumer behavior, public economics

Selected publications

  • “Estimating labor supply responses using tax reforms.” Econometrica 66:4 (1998): 827–861 (with A. Duncan, and C. Meghir).

  • “Labor supply: A review of alternative approaches.” In: Ashenfelter, O., and D. Card (eds). Handbook of Labor Economics. Volume 3. Amsterdam: North Holland, 1999; pp. 1559–1695 (with T. MaCurdy).

  • “A life-cycle consistent empirical model of family labour supply using cross-section data.” Review of Economic Studies LIII (1986): 539–558 (with I. Walker).

  • “Consumption inequality and partial insurance.” American Economic Review 98:5 (2008): 1887–1921 (with L. Pistaferri and I. Preston).

  • “Labor supply and the extensive margin.” American Economic Review 101:3 (2011): 482–486 (with A. Bozio, and G. Laroque).