Jörn Block

University of Trier, Germany, and Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

IZA World of Labor does a good job in providing a quick and fact-driven overview about the policy-relevant aspects of labor research. I don't know any other outlet with this mission

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Current position

Professor of Management, University of Trier, Germany

Research interest

Entrepreneurship, innovation, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility

Past positions

Lecturer, Technical University of Munich, 2011–2012; PostDoc Department of Applied Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2009–2011


Dr. rer. pol., Technische Universität München, 2009

Selected publications

  • “ADHD-like behavior and entrepreneurial intentions.” Small Business Economics 45:1 (2015): 85–101 (with I. Verheul, K. Burmeister, R. Thurik, H. W. Tiemeier, and R. Turturea).

  • “When does Christian religion matter for entrepreneurial activity? The contingent effect of a country’s investments into knowledge.” Journal of Business Ethics 130:2 (2015): 447–465 (with P. Parboteeah and S. Walter).

  • “Necessity entrepreneurship and competitive strategy.” Small Business Economics 44:1 (2015): 37–54 (with K. Kohn, D. Miller, and K. Ullrich).

  • “Family employees and absenteeism.” Economics Letters 123:1 (2014): 94–99 (with L. Goerke, J. Millan, and C. Roman).

  • “What turns knowledge into innovative products? The role of entrepreneurship and knowledge spillovers.” Journal of Evolutionary Economics 23:4 (2013): 693–718 (with R. Thurik and H. Zhou).