Fabio Schiantarelli

Boston College, USA, and IZA, Germany

It is important to make decisions about economic policy on the basis of the most up to date empirical evidence. IZA World of Labor contributes to achieving this goal

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Full Professor, Department of Economics Boston College, USA

Research interest

Macroeconomics, applied econometrics

Past positions

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Boston University, USA; Lecturer, Department of Economics, Essex University, UK; Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Southampton, UK


PhD Economics, The London School of Economics, 1981

Selected publications

  • "Culture, policies and labor market outcomes." Journal of the European Economic Association 11:6 (2013): 1256–1289 (with F. Giavazzi and M. Serafinelli).

  • "Employment effects of product and labor market reforms: Are there synergies?" Economic Journal 122:558 (2012): F79–F104 (with G. Fiori, G. Nicoletti, and S. Scarpetta).

  • "Input and output inventories in general equilibrium." International Economic Review 52:4 (2011): 1179–1213 (with M. Iacoviello and S. Schuh).

  • "Capital accumulation and growth: A new look at the empirical evidence." Journal of Applied Econometrics 5:7 (2010): 1073–1099 (with S. Bond and A. Leblebicioglu).

  • "Banks and innovation: Microeconometric evidence on Italian firms." Journal of Financial Economics 90:2 (2008): 197–217 (with L. Benfratello and A. Sembenelli).