David H. Autor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Ford Professor of Economics and Associate Head, MIT, USA

Research interest

Human capital, skill demands, and earnings inequality, labor market and societal impacts of technological change and globalization, disability insurance and labor force participation, contingent and intermediated work arrangements


PhD Public Policy, Harvard University, 1999

Selected publications

  • “The China Shock: Learning from labor market adjustment to large changes in trade.” Annual Review of Economics 8 (2016): 205–240 (with D. Dorn and G. Hanson).

  • “Untangling trade and technology: Evidence from local labour markets.” The Economic Journal 125:584 (2015): 621–646 (with D. Dorn and G. Hanson).

  • “Trade adjustment: Worker level evidence.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 129:4 (2014): 1799–1860 (with D. Dorn, G. Hanson, and J. Song).

  • “Skills, education and the rise of earnings inequality among the ‘other 99 percent.’” Science 344:6186 (2014): 843–851.

  • “The China syndrome: Local labor effects of import competition in the United States.” American Economic Review 103:6 (2013): 2121–2168 (with D. Dorn and G. Hanson).