Andrew Wait

University of Sydney, Australia

I am delighted to be able to contribute to the IZA World of Labor project. This is an opportunity to inform both policymakers and practitioners of our research. Doing so disseminates our findings quickly to those who count—the people on the ground

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor, University of Sydney, Australia

Research interest

Organizational economics, industrial organization


PhD Economics, Australian National University, 2002

Selected publications

  • The Essentials of Microeconomics. London: Routledge, 2015 (with B. Nguyen).

  • “The evolving nature of the college wage premium.” Economic Modelling 93 (2020): 474–479 (with O. Birulin and V. Smirov).

  • "Worker trust in management and delegation in organizations." Journal of Law, Economics and Organization (Forthcoming) (with K. Meagher).

  • "Watercooler chat, organizational structure and corporate culture." Games and Economic Behavior 118 (2019): 354–365 (with J. Newton and S. D. Simon).

  • "Authority and communication in firms." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 155 (2018): 315–348 (with H. Katayama and K. Meagher).