Andrew Benito

Goldman Sachs, UK, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Senior European Economist, Goldman Sachs, UK

Research interest

Housing markets, monetary policy, consumption, Spanish labor market, corporate behavior

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Research Manager, Bank of England, 2008–2011; Visiting Scholar, International Monetary Fund, 2006–2008; Senior Economist, Banco de Espana, 2002–2003

Past positions

Research Associate, University of Warwick Economics Department, 1995–1997; Research Fellow, Warwick Business School, 1994–1995


PhD Economics, University of Warwick, 1997

Selected publications

  • “Labour supply as a buffer: Evidence from UK households.” Economica 80 (2013): 698–720 (with J. Saleheen).

  • “Excess sensitivity, liquidity constraints and the collateral role of housing.” Macroeconomic Dynamics 13 (2009): 305–326 (with H. Mumtaz).

  • “Who withdraws housing equity and why?” Economica 76 (2009): 51–70.

  • “Labour demand, flexible contracts and financial factors.” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 70 (2008): 283–301 (with I. Hernando).