Andreas Kuhn

Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Switzerland, and IZA, Germany

Much research done by economists is often not easily accessible to practitioners, even if it is highly policy-relevant. This innovative project is important because it helps to bridge this gap

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Senior researcher and lecturer, Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training

Research interest

Labor economics, public economics, health economics, economics of education, applied microeconometrics, empirical methods for policy and program evaluation

Past positions

Senior research associate (“Oberassistent") at the Economics Department, University of Zurich (2009–2012); Research associate at the Institute for Empirical Research in Economics (IEW), University of Zurich (2004–2008); Lecturer at the Sociological Institute, University of Zurich (2003–2007)


PhD Economics, University of Zurich, 2008

Selected publications

  • "Immigration, cultural distance and natives' attitudes towards immigrants: Evidence from Swiss voting results." Kyklos 71:1 (2018): 28–58 (with B. Brunner).

  • "The impact of labor market entry conditions on initial job assignment and wages." Journal of Population Economics 27:3 (2014): 705–738 (with B. Brunner).

  • "Unemployment and right-wing extremist crime." Scandinavian Journal of Economics 113:2 (2011): 260–285 (with A. Falk and J. Zweimüller).

  • "In the eye of the beholder: Subjective inequality measures and individuals' assessment of market justice." European Journal of Political Economy 27:4 (2011): 625–641.

  • "The public health costs of job loss." Journal of Health Economics 28:6 (2009): 1099–1115 (with R. Lalive and J. Zweimüller).