Alain Trannoy

EHESS and AMSE, France

Inequality is rising in many countries. To some extent, it is worrying. Progressive taxation is an instrument to counteract this rise. Because of increasing mobility and the absence of tax cooperation between countries, progressiveness is and will be in danger. The article helps to look at the issue of international tax cooperation not regarding corporations but also individuals. It is a great opportunity that IZA World of Labor offers us to disseminate our research output on this topic

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Research Professor, L'École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS)

Research interest

Income distribution, inequality measurement, inequality of opportunity redistribution, taxation, voting, public economics

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Member of the French council of economic advisors to the French Prime Minister 2012–2016; Scientific advisor of the think tank "France Stratégie" since 2007. This think tank advises the French prime minister

Past positions

Professor of Economics, University of Cergy-Pontoise, 1991–2002; Professor of Economics, University of Rennes, 1988–1991


"Docteur d'Etat" Economics, Université de Rennes, 1987

Selected publications

  • "Customer discrimination and employment outcomes: Theory and evidence from the French labor market." Journal of Labor Economics 34:1 (2016): 107–160 (with P. Combes, B. Decreuse, and M. Laouénan).

  • "Even (mixed) risk lovers are prudent." American Economic Review 103:4 (2013): 1529–1535 (with D. Crainich and L. Eckhoud).

  • "Equality of opportunity: Theory and measurement." Journal of Economic Literature 54:4 (2016): 1288–1332 (with J. E. Roemer).

  • “Optimal student loans and graduate tax under moral hazard and adverse selection.” Rand Journal of Economics 46:3 (2015): 546–576 (with R. Gary-Bobo).

  • “Equality of opportunity and luck: Definitions and testable conditions, with an application to income in France." Journal of Public Economics 93:11–12 (2009): 1189–1208 (with A. Lefranc and N. Pistolesi).