Rodrigo R. Soares

  • Current position:
    Professor, Sao Paulo School of Economics – FGV, Brazil
  • Positions/functions as policy advisor:
    Member of the Advisory Group, NICE International, UK; Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank; Consultant, World Bank
  • Research interest:
    Development Economics, Health and Population Economics, Crime, Labor Economics
  • Website:
  • Affiliations:
    Sao Paulo School of Economics – FGV, Brazil, and IZA, Germany
  • Past positions:
    Associate Professor, Department of Economics, PUC-Rio, Brazil; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health, USA, 2009–2010; Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Maryland, USA, 2002–2007
  • Qualifications:
    PhD Economics, University of Chicago, 2002
  • Personal statement about IZA World of Labor:
    I hope IZA World of Labor will help fill the communication gap between academia and policy making, bringing the latest research results to the public debate in a format that is both rigorous and accessible
  • Selected publications:
    • “The demographic transition and the sexual division of labor.” Journal of Political Economy 116:6 (2008): 1058–1104 (with B. Falcão).
    • “On the determinants of mortality reductions in the developing world.” Population and Development Review 33:2 (2007): 247–287.
    • “Mortality reductions, educational attainment, and fertility choice.” American Economic Review 95:3 (2005): 580–601.
    • “The quantity and quality of life and the evolution of world inequality.” American Economic Review 95:1 (2005): 277–291 (with G. S. Becker and T. J. Philipson).
    • “Development, crime, and punishment: accounting for the international differences in crime rates.” Journal of Development Economics 73:1 (2004): 155–184.