Hilal Atasoy

  • Current position:
    Assistant Professor, Fox School of Business, Temple University, USA
  • Positions/functions as policy advisor:
    Consultant, World Bank, 2012
  • Research interest:
    Accounting information systems, economics of information systems, IT and labor
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  • Affiliations:
    Temple University, USA, and IZA, Germany
  • Qualifications:
    PhD Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2012
  • Personal statement about IZA World of Labor:
    I am very glad to be part of IZA World of Labor, an exciting outlet that enables learning and communication between policymakers and academics
  • Selected publications:
    • “The effects of broadband internet expansion on labor market outcomes.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 66:2 (2012): 315–345.
  • Articles

Latent entrepreneurship in transition economies

Some entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs face financial and bureaucratic barriers to starting a business

June 2015

10.15185/izawol.155 155

by Hilal Atasoy Atasoy, H

Because entrepreneurial activity can stimulate job creation and long-term economic growth, promoting entrepreneurship is an important goal. However, many financial, bureaucratic, and social barriers can short-circuit the process of actually starting a business, especially in transition economies that lack established institutional systems and markets. The main obstacles are underdeveloped financial markets, perceptions of administrative complexity, political and economic instability, and lack of trust in institutions. Gender disparities in the labor market are also reflected in less entrepreneurial activity among women than men.