April 05, 2018

IZA World of Labor Spotlight: Health and Wellbeing

Saturday (7 April) is World Health Day. The World Health Organization is organizing this day for the 70th time. This year this special day is dedicated to the fight for universal healthcare. According to the World Health Organization, half the world is still lacking healthcare today.

In preparation for World Health Day IZA World of Labor has put together the latest research on issues around Health and Wellbeing.

The selected IZA World of Labor reports cover a wide range of topics including:

Richard Layard (LSE) talking about The Economics of Mental Health. Lord Layard makes the case that evidence-based therapies for people with a mental illness should be at the heart of public policymaking, given the burden of mental illness and the payoff to extending treatment. According to latest research therapy boosts both employment and output, with gains exceeding the cost of treatment.

Nick Drydakis (Anglia Ruskin University) looking at The Relationship between Recessions and Health. According to Drydakis economic recessions seem to reduce overall mortality rates, but increase suicides and mental health problems

Michael Lechner (University of St. Gallen) looking at Sports, Exercise, and Labor Market Outcomes. Research shows that an increasing participation in sports and exercise can boost productivity and earnings

Susan l. Averett (Lafayette College) investigating The Hidden Private Cost of Obesity presenting substantial evidence that obese people, particularly women, are less likely to be employed and, when employed, are likely to earn lower wages.

Andreas Kuhn (Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training) presenting The Complex Effects of Retirement on Health

Should you have any questions relating to Health and Wellbeing our experts economist Wencke Gwozdz of Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Nick Drydakis of Anglia Ruskin University, UK, are available to answer questions.

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