June 20, 2016

TONIGHT: High Profile Panel on the Effects of Brexit on Immigration and the Labor Market

IZA World of Labor and the Bloomsbury Institute are delighted to be hosting a high-profile panel discussion on a potential Brexit with economist Jonathan Portes, Professor L. Alan Winters, MEP Geoffrey van Orden and Allie Renison (Institute of Directors).

Three days before the referendum on a Brexit IZA World of Labor and the Bloomsbury Institute are bringing together a high-profile panel to discuss the effects a possible Brexit might have on the UK labour market and EU immigration. When it comes to evaluating the repercussions of Britain leaving the EU, arguments get quite heated as we just witnessed yet again when Boris Johnson invoked Hitler and Cameron a potential war. But, as so often the case, the answer is neither black nor white, and the issues are far more complex. To help demystify the implications of Brexit, particularly from a labor market perspective, IZA World of Labor is gathering a panel of experts to give us their views on this difficult question—in or out— before the nation goes to vote. We would be delighted if you would alert your readers to this event.

Dawn or Doom: The effects of a Brexit on immigration, wages and employment – a panel discussion with economist Jonathan Portes (National Institute of Economic and Social Research), Conservative politician Geoffrey Van Orden (Member of the European Parliament), Professor L. Alan Winters (Sussex University and IZA) and Allie Renison (Institute of Directors). Moderator: Phil Coggan, The Economist

The discussion will take place tonight, Monday, 20 June, at the Bloomsbury Institute, 50 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3DP, and will be followed by a drinks reception. Debate at 6.30pm and drinks 7.30-8.30pm.Tickets: £10 / Students: £ 6, More info: http://pages.bloomsbury.com/bloomsburyinstitute/brexit

Media Contact:

Please contact Anna von Hahn for more information or if you would like to join us for this event: anna.vonhahn@bloomsbury.com or +44 7852 882 770

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