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We have selected events that we think are relevant to policymakers and/or that involve the IZA World of Labor. Also included are a selection of IZA events (further IZA events can be found here)


  • July 2021

    First IZA Workshop: Climate Change and Labor Markets


    Despite efforts to mitigate the extent of climate change, exposure to extreme events such as heatwaves, floods, and hurricanes will become more prevalent for the entire world’s population. In addition to causing damages to the environment and human health, climate change as well as adaptation to global warming pose challenges for the functioning of labor markets. In particular, this raises questions about the implications of climate change for a range of labor market outcomes, among others human capital formation, migration decisions, location decisions of firms, labor supply and productivity of workers, and labor demand across occupations.

    20th IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists (TAM)


    Kevin Lang (Boston University and IZA), President of the Society of Labor Economists (SOLE) and Daniel S. Hamermesh (Barnard College and IZA), IZA Network Director will attend the meeting and will share some thoughts with about the 20 years of the IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists. In addition, two participants from the very first IZA/SOLE meeting Petra Todd (University of Pennsylvania and IZA) and Coen Teulings (University of Cambridge and IZA) have agreed to present new work at this year’s meeting again.