Work Pensions and Labour Economics study group

  • October 2024

    IZA/ECONtribute Workshop on the Economics of Education


    The 8th IZA/ECONtribute Workshop on the Economics of Education will convene international scholars focusing on the development of skills within both formal and informal educational contexts and their valuation in the labor market. The conference will feature a select group of presenters, alongside a poster session for local researchers from the host institutions. Presentations and the keynote speech will be accessible via Zoom to an external audience.

Work Pensions and Labour Economics study group
July 27, 2017 - July 28, 2017

The annual WPEG conference will take place from Thursday 27th to Friday 28th July 2017 at “The Edge” at the University of Sheffield. Financial support for the 2017 and the 2018 annual conferences will be provided by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The 2017 plenary address will be given by Professor Thomas Crossley (University of Essex and IFS).

The Programme Committee invites submissions of abstracts from academic, government, and business economists in any field of labour economics and related research areas which are aligned with DWP strategic objectives:

  1. Run an effective welfare system that enables people to achieve financial independence by providing assistance and guidance into employment;
  2. Increase saving for, and security in, later life;
  3. Create a fair and affordable welfare system which improves the life chances of children and adults;
  4. Deliver outstanding services to our customers and claimants;
  5. Deliver efficiently: transforming the way we deliver our services to reduce costs and increase efficiency;
  6. Improving services and reducing costs.

Specific interests include for example: what works to increase employment of people with health conditions and disabilities; in-work progression; recruitment, retraining and retention of older workers; securing adequate retirement incomes; self-employment; migration; social justice and life chances. Analysts in the department are keen to actively engage with emerging economic theory and analysis in these areas.

An electronic copy of the abstract should be submitted by 28th April 2017 via email to Abstracts will be reviewed and then a selection will be invited to submit a full paper based upon the relevance of subject matter to DWP and potential programme fit. It is envisaged that once the abstracts have been reviewed those selected to make full paper submissions will be notified by mid-late May 2017.

Please note that WPEG do not cover travel expenses

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