The Jobs Conference 2019

The Jobs Conference 2019
December 09, 2019 - December 10, 2019

The nature of jobs in India and globally has been undergoing a massive transformation. Digitization & artificial intelligence will automate a large number of current jobs. On the other hand demographic trends, lifestyle changes, changing aspirations and consumption patterns and changes in the global trading arena also creating millions of new job opportunities. However, the majority of young people joining the workforce lacks adequate skills to get employed.

The JOB CONFERENCE, an initiative of The Grameen Foundation India in collaboration with other partners is an effort to develop a multi-dimensional approach to address the Job crisis. It is a large and the only national, multi-stakeholder led platform in India to address pressing concerns through a collaborative and participatory approach.


  • Assist the Young people with the information, analytics and insights to guide their successful transition into the jobs market
  • Bridge the gap between all the stakeholders and bring them on a common platform for deliberation and concerted action
  • Build an Inclusive ecosystem that effectively supports the Young people with relevant strategies, policies and action at various levels
  • Involve international community of researchers, policymakers and academicians to facilitate mutual learning on this critical issue and rally global support
  • Release independent well researched annual report “The State of Jobs in India” that would assist all the stakeholders with data, analytics and evidence to support their actions in addressing the Jobs Crisis
  • Engage the policymakers in a dialogue on the relevant skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow and how to prepare the workforce for the same
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