2nd IZA Workshop: The Economics of Education

2nd IZA Workshop: The Economics of Education
September 25, 2017 - September 27, 2017

The aim of the workshop is to gather about 30 researchers working on the economics of education, in particular on the theme "Making schools work - better"

The highlight of the workshop is the keynote lecture, which will be delivered by Prof. David N. Figlio (Northwestern University and IZA).

Schools provide a primary source of skill production, and classroom environments are important (even if class size may not be) in shaping individuals’ careers and life outcomes. Thus, educational policy bears an enormous responsibility for ensuring that schooling systems provide effective opportunities for individual educational success. Of course, family background, financial constraints, and further disruptive influences may play a role in outcomes and it may be the case that school policy can address this at source - rather than relying on the tax and welfare system to fix the consequences later in life.

Against this background, the workshop aims to gather researchers to discuss (among others) the following themes: 

  • Easing school-to-work transition
  • Evaluation of schooling reforms
  • School financing
  • Technological change in the classroom
  • Field Experiments in primary and secondary education
  • Peer effects in primary and secondary education

The program will consist of 24 individual talks and a poster session for local researchers.

Researchers interested in participating should submit an extended abstract or a full paper by May 31, 2017, using the IZA online application form.

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