IZA Workshop on Inequality: Causes and Consequences

IZA Workshop on Inequality: Causes and Consequences
March 20, 2015 - March 21, 2015

Inequality has long been a research area with important policy implications. Arguably, too narrow a wealth or income distribution impedes economic growth by stifling incentives to work hard or take risks, but too wide a distribution can cause political unrest and even a revolution. Comprehending the causes and consequences of inequality is crucial to understanding societies and their future.

This workshop focuses on:

• Trends in wealth, income, wage, educational, and consumption inequality
• Intergeneration transmission of inequality
• Job tasks and inequality
• Trade and inequality
• Institutions and wage inequality
• Politics and inequality
• War and inequality
• Inequality and happiness
• Racial and ethnic differences in inequality
• Unions and inequality
• Industry structure and inequality


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