IZA/Urania discussion - The economic consequences of Brexit – what the experts say

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    IZA/OECD Workshop: Applications with Linked Employer-Employee Data


    The workshop seeks to bring together researchers who share an interest in using linked employer-employee data for innovative and policy-relevant research. The workshop will take place on April 10 and be preceded by a policy seminar with a keynote speaker on April 9. The workshop is organized in the context of the OECDs LinkEED v 2.0 project that seeks to enhance our understanding of the role of policies in inclusive growth through cross-country analytical work based on linked employer-employee data from different OECD countries. We welcome submissions of applied papers using linked employer-employee data in all areas.

    2nd IZA/OECD Workshop: Climate Change and the Labor Market


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IZA/Urania discussion - The economic consequences of Brexit – what the experts say
October 28, 2016

The most powerful argument against Brexit was the expected severe negative impact on the British economy.

Is this argument still valid and are the consequences already noticeable? How are the German and European industries reacting to the Brexit decision and what should individual economic sectors expect? Join us and our high-profile panel for a lively discussion on the economic consequences of Brexit!

Prof. Michael Burda, PhD, Prof. of Economics, Humboldt University Berlin

Dr. Klaus Günter Deutsch, Abteilungsleiter des Bereiches Research, Industrie- und Wirtschaftspolitik des BDI e.V.

Prof. Dan Hamermesh, PhD, Prof. of Economics, Royal Holloway University of London, Chief Coordinator of the IZA network; Editor-in-Chief IZA World of Labor

Prof. Alan Winters, PhD, Prof. of Economics, University of Sussex (GB)

Moderator: Stephan Richter, publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Globalist, Washington D.C.

Discussion in English with German translator.

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