CESifo Area Conference on the Economics of Digitization

  • April 2024

    IZA/OECD Workshop: Applications with Linked Employer-Employee Data


    The workshop seeks to bring together researchers who share an interest in using linked employer-employee data for innovative and policy-relevant research. The workshop will take place on April 10 and be preceded by a policy seminar with a keynote speaker on April 9. The workshop is organized in the context of the OECDs LinkEED v 2.0 project that seeks to enhance our understanding of the role of policies in inclusive growth through cross-country analytical work based on linked employer-employee data from different OECD countries. We welcome submissions of applied papers using linked employer-employee data in all areas.

    2nd IZA/OECD Workshop: Climate Change and the Labor Market


    The IZA/OECD workshops aim to increase synergies between researchers and OECD experts to promote the societal impact of academic research and the relevance of expertise. These workshops are organized twice a year and focus on topics of particular importance to the economy and society. They bring together researchers from the IZA network, OECD experts and policymakers. They take place by videoconference, over half a day, with presentations by experts, researchers and discussions with policymakers.

CESifo Area Conference on the Economics of Digitization
November 30, 2018 - December 01, 2018
This years conference will be the second annual conference of the Economics of Digitization Research Area of the CESifo Network. The area studies societal and economic consequences of digitization. It has a wide scope of relevant research and its aim is bring the leading researchers from both sides of the Atlantic working on topics in the relevant fields of economic (including, but not limited to, IO, big data, labour, growth, education, media, public finance, and political economy). The keynote lecture will be delivered by Steve Tadelis (University of California, Berkeley).
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