6th IZA Workshop on Environment and Labor Markets - Call for papers

6th IZA Workshop on Environment and Labor Markets - Call for papers
May 15, 2018 - May 16, 2018

We are pleased to invite submissions for the 6th IZA Workshop on Environment and Labor Markets. 

The optimal environmental policy aims at equalizing benefits and costs of improving environmental quality. While the benefits generally accrue in form of increased health, worker productivity and human capital, quality of life, and amenity values, the costs of environmental regulations are mostly borne through potential impacts on industrial activity and employment. Successful policy development requires detailed information on the magnitude and determinants of these benefits and costs. IZA's Environment and Labor Markets program area aims at providing credible empirical evidence on the impact of environmental factors and policies on labor market outcomes, human capital outcomes, industrial activity, production decisions, and demographic outcomes. 

The keynote lecture will be delivered by Reed Walker (University of California, Berkeley and IZA). 

The aim of the 2018 workshop of the program area is to bring together researchers analyzing wider labor market impacts of environmental quality and environmental policies. We particularly encourage submissions of papers that provide credible empirical evidence on the following issues:

  • Effects on sectoral energy prices, industrial output and employment 
  • Effects on individual productivity, human capital acquisition and well-being 
  • Labor market effects of structural transitions towards renewable energy sources 
  • Design of optimal public policies, such as taxation of energy consumption, with regard to their distributional impacts
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